My goal is to develop students’ understanding of the role of culture and politics in the history of performance, and conversely, the role that performance can play in a society’s cultural and political debates.

How can I help students become self-motivated, curious, and skillful scholars, artists, and participant-citizens?


Courses Taught

Graduate Seminars

Modern US Performance (Binghamton: Fall 2016, 2018) - Syllabus

Exploration of American playwrights, performers, artists, and producers’ role in cultivating American commercial theatre, as well as contesting the commercial theatre in nonprofit theatres and activist performances. Addresses the nature of American modernisms, employing and critiquing materialist and labor-related theater theory, and investigating theatre history methods and historiography.

Theories of Acting and Directing (Binghamton: Spring 2016, 2018) - Syllabus

Exploration of major theorists and practitioners of acting and directing of the twentieth century, focusing on Continental Europe and the United States. Attention to the legacy of naturalism and psychological realism, especially through the Stanislavsky System and Method acting.  Exploration of theories of directors and actors who challenge a realistic approach to training, rehearsal, and performance. 

Undergraduate Courses

History of Theatre (Binghamton: Fall Semesters) - Syllabus

Performance and Modern Culture (Binghamton: Spring Semesters) - Syllabus

Dramaturgy Topics: Sondheim (Binghamton: Spring 2017, 2019) - Syllabus

Seminar: Theatre Architecture, Space, and Design (Binghamton: Spring 2019) - Syllabus

21st Century US Plays (Binghamton: Fall 2019)

Theater and Collaboration (Pittsburgh)

World Theatre History: 1640-1910 (Pittsburgh)

Introduction to Performance (Pittsburgh)

Introduction to Dramatic Art (Pittsburgh)



MA Thesis Chair, completed

Emily Goodell, MA, “Intersectionality Among Early 20th Century Female Playwrights,” Defended December 2017.

Angela Kim, MA, “Making Nationalistic Dance: Agrippina Vaganova and Choi Seung-Hee,” Defended April 2018.

Mikyung Moon, MA, “Antagonism in the Tragic Plays of Ibsen and Sartre: Self-Love and the Antagonist,” Defended November 2018.

Independent Projects

Hailey Gonzalez, “Ephemeral Moments: Grace Golden’s Theatrical Sketches,” Exhibit in Binghamton University Art Gallery, February 2016

Independent Studies: "Theatre and Communication," "Theatre Performance Pedagogy," "Readings in Modern Tragedy,” “Hamilton, Casting, and Race,” “Writing about Musical Theatre”

Production Advising

Lia Stoupas, Directing Project, A Number, April 2018

Dramaturgy Advisor, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Spring 2017

Chelsea French, Directing Project, A Body of Water, November 2016

 MA Thesis Committee member, Theatre

Talia Saraceno, MA, “Dance Therapy: In This Moment, We Live,” defended December 2015.

Melody Xuan Zhang, MA, “Verdi Meets Shakespeare: From Shakespeare’s Play Macbeth to Verdi’s Opera Macbetto,” defended April 2016.

Youngmi Kim, “La Volta and Gum-Mu: A Comparison of Court Dances from 16th-Century England and 18th-Century Chosun,” defended April 2017.

Chelsea French, MA, Directing Marjorie Prime, Creative Thesis, defended December 2017.

Courses in Development


MA Seminar: Modernism and Postmodernism

Contemporary Performance & American Culture

Participation and the Audience

Dramaturgy Topics: Chekhov & Adaptations

Theatre of the End: Apocalypse, Climate Change, and Performance

Bodies on Stage: Violence, Sexuality, and Gender